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Mexico property buying guide 

Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of the property-buying process as a foreigner in Mexico. 

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Legal requirements for foreigners buying real estate in Mexico 

When planning to purchase property as a Foreigner, it's crucial to be aware of property regulations for a smooth and secure process. Foreigners have the right to buy property in Mexico with certain restrictions and limitations outlined below:

  • Restricted Zones: Foreigners cannot directly own property in restricted zones, i.e. areas within 50 kilometers (31 miles) of coastlines or 100 kilometers (62 miles) of international borders. 

  • Fideicomiso: For buying a property in Mexico’s restricted areas, foreigners must obtain a fideicomiso, a trust agreement with a Mexican bank where the bank acts as a trustee that allows you to hold a beneficiary interest in the property. 

  • Taxes & fees: While purchasing real estate in Mexico, you may have to incur several taxes and fees, including notary fees, registration fees, legal fees, property taxes and other ancillary costs connected to property transactions. Seek help from an expert, having real estate knowledge for a better understanding of the property regulations in Mexico. 


Discovering and evaluating Mexican property as a foreign buyer Potential

While property scouting in Mexico, it's best to begin by understanding the local real estate market. Assess the economic and political stability of the area where you plan to invest, analyze current and past market trends to know if the real estate is appreciating or depreciating and search for popular locations that align with your budget & preferences.

  • Find a reliable real estate agent. Ask them to conduct a thorough property title search, coordinate property inspection, and provide information about zoning regulations and HOA. 

  • Understand legal considerations concerning banks and restricted zones to make informed property decisions in Mexico.  

  • Conduct real estate value assessment by evaluating its rental demand, rise in market value and infrastructural progress.

Navigating Mexico's real estate mortgage process to finance property  


Assessing mortgage company’s credibility through PROFECO


Go to the official PROFECO website & search the complaints section.


Search for the mortgage company by entering its name and location.


Review complaints against the mortgage company.


Also, verify the company’s credentials and licences. 

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